My First Post As A Soap Maker

Hello World! I have poured soap professionally for one year now and I am finally here to actually discuss the subject.

Did I do the right thing? Did I aim to high? Did I do this right? Am I crazy? The short answer, "Yes, to all the above" but in a nutshell the truth is, I am just like anyone else starting out. Having faith in things I can't tangibly inventory seem to be the norm for me. I believe in god and science and unicorns and elves, and love and all I have to say is- none of those things are scalable and touchable but here we are and I am ok with that, so why not dream so big about something I loved so dearly, I scared myself? Kids love to dream huge magnificent dreams and it's only after life has whipped our dreams into a blunder of "maybe I shouldn't" and "live like they tell you" that we deflate our dreams and succumb to living the 9 to 5. I fought the hard fight and yes, I have a 9 to 5 but I refused to allow the "maybe I shouldn't" take hold. When they world receded and went into isolation I took the hint, and I planned. I wrote a book, I researched, I saved, and I waited to strike. I didn't leave myself in the planning stage and I went for the ultimate American dream, to work for myself.

Now, I admit I was disillusioned and I haven't made even nearly half the sales I had planned but, I found out quickly, among the actual craft of soap making itself- the whole "process" was only about 10% of the business. Making the product has not proven to be the actual hard part. In fact, learning the process has been the easier of the tasks of "Soap Business 101" and if I am being honest, that was the easiest part to enjoy too.